Why is my Goodyear Rubber Salesperson so Dang Nosey?

I am frequently badgered by my Webmaster and Marketing Manager about how much we could increase our sales if we allowed people to purchase product directly from us online. Their point is certainly valid. I have very little doubt that we could increase our sales greatly by doing just that.

But we won’t.

The products we sell can cause an ecological disaster if misapplied. Even worse, they could badly injure or even kill somebody.

If someone sees a nice green hose on a website and knows they’re using a green hose now, they could order it. However, is that hose a green PVC suction hose for water usage or a green cross-linked polyethylene hose used for hazardous chemical service? Making the wrong choice could kill someone. Without talking to our customers, we don’t have any way to be sure.

We also have to make sure that all the proper testing requirements and electrical continuity tests have been done on certain critical hoses or that the proper fittings are attached and testing is done to meet Coast Guard specifications, if the hose is transporting oils or chemicals over water. These are just a couple of the thousands of examples we could cite.

So, don’t be surprised if we ask you a lot of questions or if you find us using a technique to insure that we have gathered the proper information, which is called STAMPED.

Size (inside diameter, outside diameter, length)

Temperature (temperature of the environment the hose is operating in and temperature of the media traveling through the hose and does it fluctuate?)

Application (what is the hose being used for? Is there movement involved?)

Media (what is passing through the hose?)

Pressure (what is the pressure or vacuum? Does it have spikes?)

Ends (what do you need us to attach to the ends of the hose?)

Delivery (how quickly do you need it and how do you plan on taking possession of the hose?)

The same questions can be slightly altered to gather information on any number of the products that we provide our valued customers.

We do things correctly and safely, insuring you get the proper product for YOUR application. That involves asking some questions. Fill out our “Get a Quote / Contact Us” form. We’ll help you get what you, or your customer, really needs!

Sorry Webmaster and Marketing Manager! It’s just the way it is!


Our mission is to be the value added leader in servicing our customers, while achieving solid financial performance. This is accomplished by:

Exceeding our valued customers' expectations
Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, vendors, and associates
Always shooting straight in our communications with our customers, vendors, and associates
Striving to be the easiest company to deal with in all respects
Serving and supporting the communities in which we operate
Remaining cognizant of our responsibility to the environment
Providing our associates with training, education, involvement, recognition, reward, security, and opportunities for advancement
Servicing our customers with the highest quality, safest industrial products and the highest level of expertise in the industry while providing the best value in the products and services we offer
Being on the cutting edge of new products, developments, and regulations for our industry
Always operating with mutual respect and ethical dealings with our customers, vendors, employees, and our community

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