It Ain’t Rocket Science…Is It?

eric I have written many an editorial about the capabilities that Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. has developed. I’ve talked about our massive crimping ability (up to 13.75” Outside Diameter), our pressure testing and electrical continuity testing capabilities, our certifying hoses to USCG (and many more) standards, the ABS certified metal hoses we offer, our NAHAD (The Association for Hose and Accessories Distributors) certifications, the fact that we’re a Parker Circle of Safety Distributor, the Parker Fluid Connectors Group certifications that most of the individuals here have achieved, the Distributor Sales Specialist training our entire inside sales team receives and much, much more.

I really thought we had covered the bases, as we have achieved lofty goals and met some of the most stringent standards in our industry. Surely that was enough, as this ain’t rocket science (or so I thought!)

Goodyear Rubber Products was recently approached by a group of representatives from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, including some contractors and an agent from NASA. They requested a sit down meeting. That led to a team coming over to view our St. Petersburg (corporate) facilities and have some discussions.

Their team had learned about Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. by doing some research. I guess that’s what Rocket Scientists do! They had spoken to people at NAHAD, we were told, about qualified distributors. They had researched Parker Hannifin distributors. Our website had been perused. We were pleased and impressed to think about the number of distributors they had to drive past to come visit us from the other side of the state.

During their time here, we discussed many of the certifications and capabilities that were listed in the first paragraph of this editorial. We walked them around and showed them our new Production/Clean Room, which is set up for handling high volume, OEM-type orders and for production of food grade, pharmaceutical and chemical hoses. They were shown our hose testing capabilities. They were interested in discussing the Ultra Clean System that we utilize to insure the cleanliness of the INSIDE of hydraulic hoses, helping prolong pump and other components’ life-span, while protecting against major failures. The variety of protective hose coverings we offer intrigued them, as did our ability to internally expand and crimp hoses of so many different sizes and types.

Near the end of the day, they stated that we should be very proud and that 99.9% of distributors out there did not have our capabilities or our checks and balances to insure quality product would be delivered to our customers. There’s always a BUT, though, and I felt it coming.

Despite our extensive calibration documentation, designed to insure that our equipment is regularly checked for accuracy and functionality, it did not meet the standards that they required. Sure, we checked our calipers with a block to determine accuracy, but how often was the block checked and certified? Sure we changed our gauges out, regularly, to insure that we had accurate pressure or vacuum measurements, but how were we certain that even the new gauges, certified when we received them, were up to their standards? In short, we had everything except what THEY considered an absolutely World-Class, NASA-Approved trail; guaranteeing the accuracy of the calibration of all of the equipment and components of the equipment we would utilize in servicing them.

We discussed with them what we could do to address the concerns about our calibration verification program, as we needed to meet the highest government standards. This conversation led to our bringing in a third-party company to provide independent certification of our processes and equipment.

Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that the auditing of our company has been completed and we now have certifications verifying that we have met the government calibration standards requested by Kennedy Space Center, NASA and the contractors that they utilize at Cape Canaveral.

Even though your business may not require that the company you trust with YOUR business be prepared to deal with Rocket Science, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you can receive first quality service, first quality products and innovation from a company that has cleared the hurdles to provide service to NASA? Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc. is that company! Trust us with your requirements! We’ll treat them like they’re Rocket Science!

Eric M. Von Kaenel, Vice President, Goodyear Rubber Products, Inc.


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